1. Marco and Drew stacked boxes on a shelf. Marco lifted 9 boxes and Drew lifted 14 boxes. The boxes that Drew lifted each weighed 8 lb less than the boxes Marco lifted.Let m represent the weight of the boxes that Marco lifted.Which expression represents the total number of pounds Drew lifted?A. 9(m+8)B. 112mC. m−8D. 14(m−8)2. Two stores sell the same refrigerator for the same original price. Store A advertises that the refrigerator is on sale for 15% off the original price. Store B advertises that it is reducing the refrigerator’s price by $150. When Stephanie compares the sale prices of the refrigerator in both stores, she concludes that the sale prices are equal.Let p represent the refrigerator’s original price.Which equation models this situation?A. 0.15p=p−150B. 0.15p=p+180C. 0.85(p−150)=pD. 0.85p=p−1503. Two cars traveled equal distances in different amounts of time. Car A traveled the distance in 2 h, and Car B traveled the distance in 1.5 h. Car B traveled 15 mph faster than Car A.How fast did Car B travel?(The formula R⋅T=D , where R is the rate of speed, T is the time, and D is the distance can be used.)Enter your answer for the box.? mph4. Louann and Carla received equal scores on a test made up of multiple choice questions and an essay. Louann got 14 multiple choice questions correct and received 24 points for her essay. Carla got 16 multiple choice questions correct and received 14 points for her essay.How many points was each multiple choice question worth?Enter your answer in the box.? points5. In May, Liam and Charlie had the same amount of money in their savings accounts. In June, Liam deposited $140 into his account. Charlie said he increased the money in his account by 5%. When they compared their balances, they found that they were still equal.How much money did they both have in their accounts in May?Enter your answer in the box.$?

Accepted Solution

i know the first one is D