a. Sam purchased 3 games for $140 after a discount of 30%. What was the original price?b. If Sam had used a 20% off coupon and opened a frequent shopper discount membership to save 10%, would the games still have a total of $140?

Accepted Solution

Answer:a) $175 b) It will be $126Step-by-step explanation:Cost price of 3 games= $140Let the original price of games= $ xDiscount is given= 30%According to questionx [tex]\frac{(100-20)}{100}[/tex]= $140x [tex]\frac{80}{100}[/tex]= $140x Γ—0.8= $140x= $ [tex]\frac{$140}{0.8}[/tex]x= $175Hence, the original price of games $ 140(b) Β If Sam had given a discount of 20%Again a discount = 10%The price of games=$ 140Now, the selling price will be= 175[tex]\frac{(100-20)}{100}[/tex]Γ—[tex]\frac{(100-10)}{100}[/tex]Now, the selling price will be= $ 126Hence, the price will be different.