An automobile with 0.279 m radius tires travels 65000 km before wearing them out. How many revolutions do the tires make, neglecting any backing up and any change in radius due to wear? (You do not need to enter any units.)

Accepted Solution

Answer:Revolutions=37079108.61 revStep-by-step explanation:First if all we have to make the units same to calculate the revolutionsSince distance gis gien in km and radius is given in m we will covert distance to m first.Distance =S=65000kmDistance=S=65000km*1000m/kmDistance = S= 65000000mFormula:S=rθwhereS is the distancer is the radiusθ is the revolution in radian θ=S/rθ=65000000/0.279θ=232974910.4 radRevolutions=θ/2πRevolutions=232974910.4/2πRevolutions=37079108.61 rev