Find the surface area of the regular hexagonal pyramid. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. A. 69.18 m^2 B. 79.18 m^2 C. 89.18 m^2 D. 99.18 m^2

Accepted Solution

Answer: OPTION BStep-by-step explanation:  Use the following formula: [tex]SA=\frac{pl}{2}+B[/tex] Where p is the perimeter of the base, l is the slant height and B is the area of the base. The perimeter is: [tex]p=6*s=6*3m=18m[/tex] Where s is the lenght of a side. The slant height is given: [tex]l=6,2m[/tex] The area of the base is: [tex]B=\frac{3\sqrt{3}s^2}{2}=\frac{3\sqrt{3}(3m)^2}{2}=23.382m^2[/tex] Where s is the length of a side. Substitute values. Then, the result is: [tex]SA=\frac{(18m)(6.2m)}{2}+23.382m^2=79.18m^2[/tex]