Find the surface area of the square pyramid using net

Accepted Solution

Answer:645 m²Step-by-step explanation:This figure has four similar sloping sides, each of which is a triangle with base 15 m and height 14 m.The formula for the area of a triangle of base b and height h is A = (1/2)(base)(height).In this case, the area of each of the four triangles isA = (1/2)(15 m)(14 m) = 105 m².Since there are four such triangles, the total area of the triangular sides is 4(105 m²) = 420 m².The area of the base is A = (15 m)² = 225 m²Combining side area with base area, we get a total surface area ofA = 225 m² + 420 m² = 645 m²Please note:  I am not familiar with the "net" you mention.  If you want a problem solved in a particular way, and can share the necessary tool or tools, please do so.