Matthew completed 5/8 of his workday. What decimal would also describe the portion of the workday he has finished? How can you use the decimal to get the percent of the workday Matthew has completed?

Accepted Solution

Answer:a)D= 0.625 Decimal that describes the portion of the workday he has finishedb)P= D*100= 0.625*100=62.5%P: percentajeD: DecimalStep-by-step explanation:NomenclatureF: fraction of daily workdayD: decimal of daily workdayP: percentage of daily workdayFormulas F= a/bD= a÷bP= D*100Problem developmentWe have:F = 5/8, then:D= 5÷8= 0.625To obtain the percentage of the workday that Matew has completed, we multiply the decimal x 100P= 0.625*100=62.5%