Of 10 students surveyed in a school , 7 picked Summer as their favorite season. If the school has 350 students. How many can be expected to perfer summer?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The expected number of students to prefer summer=245Step-by-step explanation:Step 1Determine the number of students that prefer summer as their favorite season, and the sample sizenumber that prefer summer=7sample size=10Step 2Determine the probability of a student picking summer as their favorite season as shown;Probability=number that prefer summer/sample sizeProbability=7/10=0.7Step 3Determine the total number of students out of the total population that can be expected to prefer summer as follows;Expected number of students=probability×total number of studentswhere;probability=0.7total number of students=350replacing;Expected number of students=(0.7×350)=245The expected number of students to prefer summer=245